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Mission Statement

The mission of the Anza Civic Improvement League is to restore, manage and enhance
the Little Red Schoolhouse and Minor Park in partnership with the public,
for the enjoyment of present and future generations.

Vision & Goals

As with other elements of the community, be it housing or commercial development, the basic nature of Anza provides limited growth opportunities for parks. The most effective plan of action is to focus on making the most of what is already here.

Community Character

Implementation of the 100 Year Awareness plan and its inherent visual improvements of green space and the Little Red Schoolhouse will help to create an attractive community with a unique village identity appealing to people of all ages.

Past and Future

The Little Red Schoolhouse is celebrating 100 years in September of 2014. The 100 Year Awareness plan outlines improvements without reducing historical value.

Community Facilities

The plan includes ideas to improve park and recreation offerings for the youth, seniors, and in betweens, with the intent to provide community areas, green space, and to include plans for renovating the Little Red Schoolhouse and finish the existing band shell.

For the youngest residents, the plan outlines existing play environments, including the provision of nature-based play environments. For the adults, the plan aims to showcase enviromentally sound water catchments, gardens and passive heating and cooling features. The adults will also benefit from concepts for increased social connections through team recreation opportunities. Teenage patrons will find recommendations to expand the active environment. All ages will benefit from the increase in recreation offerings and access that will be made available to them.

Land Resources

The concepts for various park improvements such as new park entry signs and fences encourage a high quality natural and man-made environment that preserves community character, creates identity and sense of place.

Providing Gathering Places

Capturing special spaces for civic functions and community gatherings are complementary to the goals of the 100 Year Awareness development.

Promote volunteer beautification efforts

The incorporation of new park signs at the park, native and drought tolerant botanical installations and restoring the 100 year old Little Red Schoolhouse are specific opportunities that serve to promote this goal. The Anza Community Beautification and Gardens Projects team may be able to assist with maintenance and/or fund raising.

Prioritize vandalism and security concerns

Understanding the real challenges of this, the installation of security cameras, vandal proofing structures and exterior nighttime lighting , plus providing a safe and secure environment for the citizens are a top priority.

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